The proposed software solution will help companies to better manage key aspects of their business such as:

Business processes and tracking of KPIs and targets

Understanding and evaluation of the business context

Understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of interested parties

Proactive management of risks and opportunities

Documents management

Resources management

Monitoring, management, analysis and evaluation of the overall performance

The solution is aimed to integrate all management systems in one place, giving the company a clear overview of all aspects of the business.

The essence of this software solution is that it will function as an expert system that will guide the client in the use of various management tools, towards:

Simple and high quality initial implementation / integration of international standards

Maintenance and improvement of implemented international standards

Performance facilitation of the key business aspects through the use of specific management tools

Implementation of the basic standard ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System), encompasses all modules, providing the user with an interactive software solution for managing the overall business quality.