Business Excellence Software Tools (BEST) is a software solution that enables a systematic, structured and automated approach for managing business processes.


Business Excellence Software Tools (BEST) is a software solution that enables a systematic, structured and automated approach for managing business processes.

This solution is especially useful for companies that want to implement certain management systems, such as ISO standards.

The software package is modularly designed and it incorporates the following management tools:
Business Process Management (BPM)

Identification of all your business processes, divided into the following categories Management processes, Key/ operational processes, Support processes with all the necessary parameters for monitoring the performance of the processes. 

Leadership and Planning

The purpose of this module is to demonstrate leadership and commitment towards high quality performance of the management system by:   

  • Understanding the organizational context and analyzing external and internal issues that may influence organization’s performance.  
  • Determining the interested parties (stakeholders), as well as their relevant requirements/ needs and expectations. 
  • Establishing the Quality Policy 
  • Establish quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes and plans to achieve them  
  • Establishing KPIs and targets and tracking their achievement  

Risks and Opportunities Management

Determine and evaluation of risks and opportunities, plan actions to address these risks and opportunities. Implement planned actions and evaluate their effectiveness.  

Human Resources Management

Establish employees evaluation and training program in order to ensure that employees are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training and experience.

Document Management

Create and update documented information by ensuring appropriate identification, description, format, review and approval of the documents. Monitor the latest versions of the documents and withdrawal of the old versions. Provide employees access to the relevant documents, in accordance with delegated privileges for use.

Customer Relationship Management

Management of nonconforming products and/or services. Monitor and analyze customer’s satisfaction of the degree to which their needs and expectations have been fulfilled. Management of received complaints by the customers.

External Providers Relations

Evaluate externally provided processes, products and services by determining and applying criteria for evaluation, selection, monitoring of performance and re-evaluation of external providers.  

Infrastructure Maintenance Management

Determine, provide and maintain the necessary infrastructure for the effective performance of the processes. Keep documented information regarding the provision and maintenance of the required infrastructure.  

Audits and Reviews

Conduct internal audits at planned intervals to provide information on whether the system is effectively implemented, maintained and conforms to the specified requirements. Conduct management reviews of the Quality management system at planned intervals to ensure its suitability and effectiveness. Identify nonconformities and take corrective actions to eliminate the cause of the nonconformity, in order that it does not recure or occur elsewhere.

Performance Evaluation

Monitor, measure, analyze and evaluate all the relevant aspects required by the standard.  

Each of these modules consists of predefined components.

The company that decides to implement the software will have the option to make its own custom made solution by choosing from the offered modules, or select specific components from different modules.